Peep Laja's Conversion Coaching

Your Investment in Skill Building


These skills will serve you profitably for many years to come. The fee for each plan covers the whole 8-week training.

The pricing is geared for pure ROI. Your next conversion client will pay for this in a single month.
From there on, pure profit for years to come. I expect everyone to get at least 10x returns from this in their first year.

One Optimizer

For one person



Team Coaching

Enroll a team (up to 5 people)


Save $4996 dollars!

Become my protégé

Only 5 spots


In addition to the overall coaching, I will have weekly private calls with you. You get unlimited email access to me. I will help you make it in this business, open doors for you and do what I can to help.

I spent years figuring this stuff out on my own. But my highest jumps in competency always came from learning from other people who had been doing it longer than me.

If you want to become a top 1% optimizer, join this coaching program.